Our studio comes to you! You pick where you want to record, whether it’s your stage or your living room, and we’ll bring the gear.

Basic rates are listed below. Contact us for a customized quote.

Recording $50/hr
Editing $50/hr
Mixing (studio-recorded tracks) $200/song
Mixing (demo or live-recorded tracks) $100/song
Pre-Mastering* (WAV and MP3 delivery only) $35/song

* Basic pre-mastering is included in Mixing packages, to bring the track up to a competitive loudness. Rate listed is for in-depth mastering and tracks which were mixed elsewhere.

How much time should I plan to record my project?

It’s up to you how you spend your time, but if you’re looking for an efficient session, we’ve found the best way is to be prepared.  With that in mind, here are some reasonable estimates for different project types:

Typical 4-piece band
(vocals, guitar/piano, bass, drums)
(vocals and 1-2 instruments or backing tracks)
Live demo (all members playing at once) 30min/song
Live performance recordings Run time

All recording sessions require 1-3 hours of setup per session, depending on the complexity.

Preparing to mix

Depending on the caliber of your recordings, editing for timing/tuning issues tend to take around 1 hour per instrument per song. It makes sense for some edits to be done on-the-spot during the recording session; others will be done after. The goal at the end of recording/editing is to have a performance that is clean and complete, ready to mix.